Our causes

We work with Milkywire, our impact partner

Milkywire is a tech-driven giving platform that connects people and companies directly to trusted locally-rooted nonprofits working to save the planet.

On the Milkywire platform, you can explore handpicked, screened, and vetted organizations, connect with them, donate to them directly, and follow their work through weekly video updates. It’s a new way of making an impact, cutting out the middleman and bringing everyone closer to the hands-on work to protect and restore the planet.


Save our oceans

Our oceans are fundamental to all life on Earth as they produce more than 50% of the oxygen we breathe and are home to 80% of all life on our planet. One of two causes we have with Milkywire is save our oceans. The underlying organizations is run by hard-working experts who do everything from saving animals from plastic waste, cleaning up the Baltic Sea, to protecting sharks in the Caribbean.


Milkywire Shark image


Protect our forests

Each year, 10 million hectares of forests are destroyed – driving species to extinction and intensifying climate change. Plant trees and protect our forests is our second cause, with award-winning grassroots organizations working with forests and trees. Read more about this and other causes on Milkywire’s site.