Company: EKOBOT AB (publ)

Transaction: IPO

Issue volume: 20.5 MSEK

Date: March 2021

Ekobot AB is the company behind one of the world’s first fully autonomous field robots that can take care of mechanical weed control with exceptionally high precision. Ekobot helps farmers and growers reduce costs of weeding crops while also doing it in a CO2 neutral and ecological way.

Over the last decades, farmland has been maintained and optimised using methods that negatively impact the environment. It’s becoming increasingly clear that current practices are gradually destroying our plant and animal heritage. Ekobot is in a very exciting development phase in a rapidly growing market where ever greater demands are placed on sustainable and healthy food production.

Ekobot is the result of the founder Ulf Nordbeck’s thoughts and desire to combine robotics and healthy sustainable food production. The company’s goal is to be able to offer practical and sustainable solutions to agricultural issues while reducing workload with autonomous tools for vegetable farmers.

The proceeds of 20.5 MSEK from the IPO will primarily be used for new hires and further development of the robot.

Augment acted as the company’s financial adviser in the IPO and acts as its Certified Adviser.