Flat Capital raises SEK 190 million for new investments

18 februari 2022

Flat Capital is an investment company with a genuine long-term perspective that invests in people who are passionate, dedicated, have potential and skin in the game. The company was founded 2013 by Nina Siemiatkowski and Sebastian Siemiatkowski (co-founder & CEO of Klarna) and has since then built a portfolio of 16 companies.

Since the IPO in October 2021, Flat Capital have kept a high pace and investments has been done in Kry, Figma, LoveLocal, Klarna and now also indicatively in Getir. The company’s strategy of investing in exciting unlisted tech companies, where access is often reserved for an exclusive group of the best VC funds in the world, has worked out well. Flat has a strong pipeline of attractive investments and aims to raise up to SEK 190 million in a rights issue in order to capitalise on these opportunities.

Augment acts as financial advisor in the rights issue.