Company: Trainimal AB

Transaction: IPO

Issue volume: 15.5 MSEK

Date: April 2021

Trainimal AB is a digital fitness company, offering personal training and nutritional advice through smart technology developed by the company itself. The company’s most famous product is MammaFitness and has helped over 30,000 customers to become the best version of themselves.

Each year approximately 100,000 children are born in Sweden and the target group new moms are relatively stable in terms of size. At the same time, there is increased interest in individualized training and health designed for women and mothers in several age groups. The increased health awareness is reflected in people spending more time and money on a healthy lifestyle.

The concept MammaFitness was founded in 2010 by the well-known fitness profile Olga Rönnerg in order to offer women a balanced way to focus on basic habits that promote a healthy lifestyle. Trainimal’s vision is to help members achieve physical health and well-being, through interactive technology, regardless of social, economic and geographical conditions.

The proceeds of 15.5 MSEK from the IPO will primarily be used to support the company’s growth initiatives.

Augment acted as the company’s financial adviser in the IPO and acts as its Mentor.